The tax services rendered by the Jackson & U Tax services to the Deckard Law Firm is excellent. For decades the Deckard Law Firm’s taxes were prepared by one of the “leading national tax chains” but many valuable money saving deductions were overlooked. The tax preparation provided by the Jackson & U Tax service for our law firm and my personal family is both superior and expedient.

                                                                                                                                 The Deckard Law Firm
                                                                                                                                 Darlene Clayton Deckard
                                                                                                                                                         Dallas, TX

Upon meeting Ms. Sandra Jackson of Jackson & You Tax Service….....I started telling her about my TAX SITUATION…. You see I had not filed my taxes in 7 years before last year due to personal problems.
Ms. Jackson listened and stated she could help me and started immediately...Ms. Jackson also reviewed my tax return filed last year and in reviewing found that I was to receive a larger refund than what I had received. She amended that year and I received additional refund.
Ms. Jackson contacted the IRS and spoke with them on my behalf while I was at her office.  The IRS were able to fax her all of my records of my accounts for the last 7 years.
Before coming into Jackson & U Tax Service I owed $8500.00 to the IRS but              I only owe $918.00.
Due to the excellent work of the Jackson and U Tax Service compay all of this was processed in a timely fashion of 4 months. I am a very satisfied customer…. and I tell anyone and everyone who is having a tax issue of the great and professional service that was rendered on my behalf…..Thank you, Jackson & U Tax Service….
                                                                   A very HAPPY Customer...August 30, 2010 Irving, TX

I just want to say that Ms Jackson is great at saving me money. For years I always had to pay taxes. But since Ms Jackson started doing my tax returns, I have been getting money back. You can believe me when I tell you, I won't be going to anybody else.  

                                                                                                              Thanks Charlene, Little Rock, AR

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We are here to help whether you need to file the current year, prior year returns, or you have IRS Levy/IRS Debt/IRS letters. Yes there is a way to resolve your IRS Problems, but you must decide to end them and make the first step!! When you finally say enough is enough and you are willing to do something about it, then you have come to the right place!! We have teamed up with IBS to offer you fullservice bookkeeping.

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